Is the courtyard public or private?

The courtyard is a private courtyard that is being provided for use by the residents of the building.



Will this project require any zoning variances or code modifications?

No. This project will be Matter-of-Right Construction and will not be requesting any modifications or relief.



Are any affordable housing units being provided?

Yes. Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) requirements apply to this site and IZ units will be provided per the current Zoning Code.

(Roughly 8% of the Unit Area will be IZ Unit Area).



Is bike parking being provided?

Yes. Both temporary (exterior) and long-term (interior/covered) bicycle parking will be provided per the current Zoning Code requirements.



How does this project address the public alley’s width?

The east end of the public alley (between 15th Street and the existing carriage house) will be widened from 15' to 20' in width (the new building will be pulled north of the southern property line by 5').

This will effectively widen the alley adjacent to the new building’s loading, trash, and parking ramp entry areas to better accommodate access.



What is the height of the new building?

The new residential building is 46' in height (maximum allowable zoning height = 50') and will also have a penthouse level (set to 11' in height.)



Will the building have any retail space?

No. The building program is all residential.



What is happening to the existing carriage house at the southwest corner of the site?

The existing carriage house is to be renovated and incorporated into the new residential building.



How will parking for the new residents be addressed?

Parking will be provided in two levels of below-grade parking, underneath the new residential building. Access to the parking will be from the public alley (per DDOT requirements).



Is this project rental apartments or for sale condominiums? How many units will there be?

The building will be rental apartment units. Approximately 125-150 units will be provided.



Where is the building’s main entrance?

The main lobby is located on 15th Street toward the southeast corner of the site (next to the public alley).



Is this project within a Historic District?

Yes. The project site is within the 16th Street Historic District and the Greater 14th Street Historic District. This project will be reviewed by the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB).



What is the zoning of the site?

The residential site is zoned RA-8 (Dupont Circle Residential Apartment Zone 8) for moderate density apartments.



Will this project have any green or sustainable aspects?

Yes. The project will be in compliance with the District’s Green Construction Code, Energy Conservation Code, and meet the Green Area Ratio zoning requirements.